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Why Does Video Sell Better?

480% more clicks

497% cheaper per click

In short, if you want more clicks and sales, you need to rely on the strength of video. It’s a fact, people are watching more and more video, and a business that overlooks this crucial element will fall behind. The best thing you can do is use video instead of static images. The movement catches a customer’s eye, and draws them in. They’ll stay on your site longer, which means a better chance of making sales. There’s plenty of evidence to back that up. Did you know that social video gets over 1200% more shares than text and image content combined?


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We’re a global digital company offering top-notch quality services at a reasonable cost. We understand that different businesses have different budgets. We offer flexible services according to your budget, without compromising quality. Throughout our successful online campaigns, we’ve help reap the highest ROI for the last 3 years. You need higher performance online marketing. We can create marketing video, corporate video, event video, video promo, food video, training video, and awesome instructional videos.  We are a team of young and dynamic professionals equipped with industry experience. It’s our passion to help other businesses in their growth journey by offering fast, reliable, and cost-effective professional video editing and video production services. We love what we do, and we’re experts in the field of video marketing. We serve clients from northern Penang to southern Johor.


Our team knows how to shoot a marketing video that has the power to capture your target audience. We offer a complete package of video production services that includes location scouting, scripting by professionals, the creation of the video, narration by experts, and professional video editing so that the final video is nothing less than amazing. We use state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge technologies to shoot high-quality and professional-looking videos. We use advanced tools to edit videos and give them a professionalized look. Here at WOW Videos, we also offer drone shooting to create impactful videos that daze your customers with a bird’s eye view. If you're just starting out with video or even if you have a good handle on it but want some additional tips and tricks, make sure you check out Envato's ultimate video marketing guide. 2019 is the year that you should finally be using video marketing tips to grow your business.


Video marketing is the #1 easiest and fastest way to stand out in this crowded and noisy real estate industry. “YouTube video SEO: How I got over 25 000 subscribers on YouTube this year | 5 video marketing tips” (video): . Take a look at our 2018 video marketing trends and tips to start the year off on a good note! Video marketing - video content marketing | top 4 types of video to use to market your business video marketing - video marketing tips for business | video marketing strategy for small business. Brands need a video marketing strategy - this idea isn't new. Video Marketing Statistics 2019 + Infographics. Our list of video marketing statistics for 2020 - important facts for digital marketers to know, to properly inform your video marketing strategy for 2020. 5 Video Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Traffic And Conversions. How to Grow Your Business with Video Marketing. Ever wondered if video marketing for business is really worth it? Video marketing for small business has never been easier. If you're just starting out with video, or even if you have a good handle on it but want some additional tips and tricks, make sure you check out Envato's ultimate video marketing guide. That's why 2019 is the year that you should finally be using these video marketing tips to grow your business. Video marketing, animation, corporate video, explainer video, promotional video, motion graphic video, video advertising, motion graphics, Amplomedia, Edmonton marketing agency, marketing specialists, video production, video marketing strategy. Online marketing video - online marketing video by sellamations. | Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | Edureka, Think of it as your digital marketing for beginners guide. Sellamations is great if you're looking for amazing online marketing videos using scribe animation techniques. Knowing about the various styles Online Marketing Video making will help you in selecting the right approach for your business.

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